How to overcome the challenges involved in Outsourcing Structural Steel Detailing work??

How offshore Steel Detailing Services partner can help Steel Fabricator to keep check on the costs- (1)Though it is true that many steel fabrication firms in USA prefer to outsource their structural steel detailing work to countries like India due to the various benefits attached to it; you are likely to face many challenges such as team conflicts, cross-national & cross-cultural barriers, delay in schedules, lack of co-ordination, language barriers, terms & conditions, Technology Interoperability, etc.

So how can you address them? Let discuss the ways to cope with some of these major challenges.

Interoperability of Technology: Outsourcing Steel Detailing work involves use of various tools and technologies for project sharing. It is imperative to have a proper infrastructure at your vendor’s place to facilitate the daily exchange of project notes.

Virtual Teams: Dealing with a outsourced team sitting at different place is tricky and one should remember that it take time to build a smooth working relationship with an outsourced team. It’s not spontaneous process where you will simply assign the work  to an outsourced service provider. It’s more about creating a true partnership between you and service provider.

Co-ordination :To make such partnership successful you need high degree of communication, and collaboration meaning we would need to see the work product often, maybe several times per week. Video conference calling ,instant messaging enable virtual teams to coordinate each other in a better way.

Inter-Cultural Diversity: If you are offshoring your steel detailing work to countries like India you need to take into account the cultural differences which is the first step to avoid miscommunication. These cultural differences has direct impact on communication, interpretation and thereby productivity.

At IdeaNet solutions, we have a Licensed Structural Engineer based in Houston. This gives the client access to a team member during US local business hours. They don’t have to worry about talking to someone in another country or making international calls. That ensures better co-ordination and smooth project progress.

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