Selecting the right offshore structural steel detailing services vendor….

In the recent times the off-shore outsourcing business model has become prevalent in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Several engineering companies in USA has been opting for off-shore outsourcing business model to carry out the detailing and estimating work owing to the cost benefits attached to it.  Moreover it is steel fabricators across USA which are outsourcing major chunk of their steel detailing project work to established steel detailing vendors in India.

If you are thinking of establishing an offshore team of steel detailers to complement your in-house team, make sure that you hire right steel detailing services vendor. Success of such engagement usually depends upon ability of the offshore team to integrate successfully with your business processes.

Below is the checklist to select the right offshore structural steel detailing services partner:

  1. Perform a thorough check on the vendor’s credentials and the processes & certifications it claims to possess
  2. Make sure that you audit and evaluate the steel detailer who will be assigned on your project so that there is no any talent misfit.
  3. Evaluate that your vendor has all the valid legal licenses of detailing software such as Tekla, SDS2 etc.
  4. Ensure that vendor follows all the detailing standards as the detailing standards varies with the countries.

If you are initiating an offshore strategy for the first time, Team IdeaNet Solutions can help you get it right.  IdeaNet Solutions Inc has been providing quality Structural Steel detailing services for the Fabricators, Erectors and EOR in USA and Canada based on NISD, CISC, AISC, including OHSA standards. Please drop us a line at  to understand how our business model can be leveraged for your business.


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